Lux program of medical services in our clinic

There’s a basic assortment of medical services available to every patient in our clinic, including inpatients and outpatients. This basic package includes non-stop available emergency service, assigned personal doctors and digital archive of patient’s documentation, the large scale of lab tests and diagnostic methods, as well as minor surgical interventions. All consultations and preventative examinations are, also, available to every patient. However, to adjust our services to patient’s financial investment into health care, as well as to provide easier full monitoring of health state to some patients requiring comprehensive approach every once in a while, the management team of our hospital designed several different service packages with various medical services included. One of the most attractive options to our regular patients is our so-called lux health care program.

Advantages of Lux health care program

The main characteristic of Lux health care program in our clinic is that a patient gets assigned a team of physicians and medical experts fully dedicated to his case for 24 hours to conduct all the required examinations and diagnostic procedures. If the patient comes with the already diagnosed condition that has to worsen or simply requires routine checkup, the physicians will provide continuous monitoring, a full assortment of required tests and analyze, including all the necessary imaging procedures and lead the patients through the whole process explaining thoroughly every phase and aspect.

Modern equipment with modern approach

medicAside from assigning a team of medical stuff fully focused onto one case, another goal of Lux health care program is to provide all the health care required for one patient with the minimum time loss, expenses, and the maximum efficiency. Thus, all patients get digitalized medical documentation with language translation (if needed) and their charts are available to other partnering hospitals in the case the patient transfers elsewhere for further treatment. It enables all the doctors involved with a treatment of one patient to monitor the precise evolution of patient’s condition, and it also supports potential traveling abroad for further treatment.

Comprehensive treatment within Lux program

The total price of Lux program covers all additional services, including on – call medical support at any moment, home delivery of long – term medications for chronic patients, transport to ambulance every time it’s required, preventative and routine checkup examinations by intern medicine specialists. Also, all available surgical procedures are available free-of-charge, fully equipped individual room in inpatients sector during hospitalization and all rehabilitation services available in our clinic.