Ten departments, powerful the latest medical equipment, professional organization and the team of reputed, experienced, educated and highly dedicated specialists is the foundation of our polyclinic and the key of our success. Gathered around exquisite medical experts, we’ve founded private polyclinic available to wide masses and providing health care for outpatients and inpatients as well.


Six major services in our clinic

General and Targeted prevention of various health issues

Our clinic provided a large assortment of examinations, tests, genetic tests, preventative analyzing, vaccinations and many other interventions included in the general and targeted prevention of health issues. All patient’s documentation is classified within their digital records, and their assigned doctor keep track with the health state of a patient and provides thorough information in every moment.

Responsive ER

In the case of an emergency health issues or accidents, our clinic hires nonstop emergency care available and responsive at any time. We provide medical help out there in the field, emergency medical visitation on call at your home, as well as hospitalization of dozens of emergency patients at once.

Precise diagnostic procedures without delaying

What makes our regular patients so satisfied with our clinic is fully available and completely effectively arranged the diagnostic procedure for large scale of health problems. We provide all the required tests and analyzing’s, including the latest imaging diagnostic methods and the specialist examination if necessary. All of these procedures are provided timely, with no delaying or time wasting.

Full – time convenient hospitalization

Treatment of each patient who requires surgical or any similar serious medical intervention includes post – treatment recovery hospitalization. During this period, the patient stays within our sector for inpatients and receives full medical care monitoring of the recovery and regular analyzing and consultations with assigned doctor before being released from the hospital.

High – quality treatments and therapies

Several different specialists of the intern medicine and surgery are always available in our clinic to provide a comprehensive treatment of both physical and mental health. These interventions include all sorts of medications, small to moderate surgical procedures, physical therapy and orthopedic intervention and the further treatment in several partner hospitals for some complex surgical procedures.

Temporary rehabilitation center

In spite comprehensive treatment and therapy, some patients require post – treatment rehabilitation process to recover the function of various damaged systems. Our clinic is partnering some state’s huge rehabilitation centers and provides further treatment to all our patients requiring it, but we also provide temporary rehabilitation center and medical help within our hospital during first few weeks of the treatment.

Why are we the best

Many reasons and aspects are differing our clinic from many others and explaining the good reputation and success we have. First of all, we hire only truly dedicated, highly educated and experienced medical stuff and they all keep progressing constantly. Our clinic is equipped with the latest modern medical devices. We provide an individualized approach to each patient and every phase of the diagnostic procedures, and the mere therapy is directed and monitored by our assigned experts. High quality of medical service, responsive and kind stuff and full attention is given to each patient is what you will find in our clinic.

Woman behind the success

Everyone in our team likes to think of us as of synchronized team where each member is supported by the rest of the team, but the truth is that our owner Amanda Ovalle, specialist of endocrinology, is the brain and beauty behind all of this. She has decades of medical experience in various clinics and hundreds of satisfied patients. Over a decade ago, she decided to invest her experience, rich knowledge and money into this clinic and ever since she’s been in charge of this successful company.


To help our patients gather all the potential information they might need or be interested in, as well as to provide various educational material to our potential clients, we’ve created the blog that is regularly updated. Here you will find articles on various medical topics and health issues trusted information and expert’s explanations and advice regarding frequent illnesses. There is, also, the section for patients’ questions and comments, where the team of our medical expert’s answers and discusses all the dilemmas our patients expose.